Anything that’s Dead shall be Re-grown

It has been two and a half weeks now I have been living in Georgia going to my dream school. These two weeks have taught me a lot; whether it be where the most convenient grocery store is that is NOT Walmart, that I am a clean freak and perfectionist, how annoying it is living in a dorm under somebody, or interesting things about psychology, biology, and history (those are, obviously, my classes).

First off, living in a new area is OVERWHELMING! Especially when this area is so close to one of the biggest cities in the country, Atlanta, and their drivers are well-known for being asshats. The crazy hills, turns, and 8 lanes only adds to this chaos along with the fact that every single place I go, I can NEVER turn left. Back in Michigan, up north they have Michigan U-turns which some might be aware of. They are awful and absolutely stupid. Literally every intersection here has U-turns and, of course, I always have to go left. Half of the time I am driving it is trying to figure out how to get from A to B in the least ridiculous way possible. Oh and the only conveniently located store from my school is Walmart, where I refuse to shop. Today, I found my way to Kroger and had the most successful shopping trip thus far. That really is not saying a whole lot since I spent about $100, was there for over an hour, and only had 8 things on my list. (College life is expensive (for me)). But I did not feel like punching anyone when I left which means it was a success.

Most of these expenses at Kroger were household cleaning supplies like a mop, detergent, and febreeze (College life is smelly too). Apparently when I am in charge of a space, it ALWAYS needs to be cleaned or tidied up. I can thank my mother for this. I am hoping that I will soon learn to break this cycle, considering how much is on my agenda and that I don’t always WANT to be cleaning. Whenever I am cleaning I guiltily think I should be studying. Actually whenever I am doing anything that is not studying… I think I should be studying. I even try to study when I eat. And this is only two weeks in to six years.

One thing that is constantly a distraction from both cleaning and mostly studying, is Bigfoot. I have cleverly named my upstairs neighbor this because I honestly cannot comprehend what he/she must look like considering how he/she stomps around. ALL DAY LONG. He/She is doing it as I type this and I am mentally picturing stomping all over his/her giant Bigfoot face. Seriously though, this person must do jumping jacks from the kitchen to the living room. Bigfoot is currently the worst aspect of my life.

All in all though, I love it here. It has been really tough trying to meet people, make friends, figure out how to live on my own and focus on my studies. I’ve already learned so much about myself. I am in love with my psychology class and learning all kinds of interesting things about being “excellent” and accepting the uncontrollable. I am enrolled in accelerated biology, in which I take two courses of biology in one quarter. This means I go Monday- Thursday at the lovely time of 9:00a.m., along with two labs a week. But my love for science grows with each day. Lastly I have history class. Even though my professor is horribly monotone and boring, and it’s the longest class time, I am learning things that surprisingly grab my interest.

I greatly miss everyone back home and I’m counting down the days until Thanksgiving break. The choice to apply here was made in a fleeting attempt of escape, but I am sure it is the best decision I have ever made. I am more excited (and terrified) for my future than I’ve ever been.

“Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves.” -Henry David Thoreau



One thought on “Anything that’s Dead shall be Re-grown

  1. The easiest way to make friends: Find others that are in your classes and have study groups. Study, talk about the class, then talk about yourselves. It is also easier if you have multiple classes with the same people. You will find things in each that you can relate too and the more comfortable you become with each then friendships begin…easy peasy.

    I remember driving a 63 foot semi around the “Loop”(what they call the expressway around Atlanta) during rush hour…ah, good times. I am so happy to read that you are getting acclimated to your new surroundings. When things feel like they are getting too much for you just take a step back, take a few moments/minutes pause, recollect your thoughts and start again…slower if need be.

    The first step is the hardest and you have already started walking, good for you.

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