Are there others?

I’m writing this blog post to reach out to people like myself. Myself, currently, is someone who doesn’t know what makes her different but she always feels different. Relating to other people is not something I am terribly concerned about doing, but wish it were easier. I am someone who feels like the world doesn’t get me, and won’t, and a part of me is proud and other part wonders what it could be like otherwise. I have given up on explaining myself but I am not sure that I ever gave it a real try. My rationalizations may be far from rational but what is the rationale for living life? Even though my thoughts are obscure and non-standard, I desire finding others with similar thoughts. Thus far, I am pretty discouraged. It is hard being a combination of quiet and unconcerned with impressing others to make friends. So, this is my call out, my beckoning, the waving of my flag to…well I’m not entirely sure what my goal is. I wanted to know of the people out there like me, because I can’t seem to find you.


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